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Blogging for me is like a small diary which i keep to take record of the various events which i experience on a daily basis. Although in subsequent time i’ll be scooping one or two stories and information from my friends, neighbours, colleagues, internet and even from my fellow bloggers.
On this fateful day, at about 10pm while in school some thing happened that got me thinking… I was sitted on my couch pondering on what i would do with my time since i was less busy and not hanging out with my friends. Suddenly, i heard whispers from the next room “babe bring down your voice” a male voice asking a lady to keep her voice low. This got me startled and i began to move closer to my bed (since it was a bedsitter). Instead of the lady to adhere to his advice, she continued shouting even louder and louder. All of a sudden, all i could hear was sound of slaps and beating. The young lady was screaming on top of her voice while he kept hitting her. The next thing i heard was” shei you one stab me ehn? You go carry knife abi? Today, your mama go see your dead body”On hearing these words, i got frightened and started praying silently for this whole issue not to result into bloodshed.
Now, this is one of such scenario i get to see in the movies and never get to believe such horrifing thing could happen in reality but listening and seeing this scenes play outrightly, i said to myself “why would two people who has agreed to come to a compromise for love sake ,inflates such unbearable pain on themselves?”. Isn’t there a better way to resolving issues between rtwo partners than fighting and quarrelling.
Apparently, there is but most people are too blinded to take such route cause they feel its a weak way of settling disputes and they have this “delusion of grandeur about themselves”. The man must exercise his full authority over a woman by hitting her to tweak that thing that made her rants all the time.
Men! Listen up! There is what the society calls”MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING andRESPECT. Hey, ladies don’t you ever think that you are an exception to this. Have you forgotten that it takes only two to tangle?
Partners or couples who lack this attribute should be ready to lead a life of bitterness all throughout their life time. No amount of wealth can buy understanding and respect. A sage says” respect is earned.
For those men who feel their ladies are not respecting them enough, i really do think you shpuld do a re-check because i was told that “respect is reciprocal”.
Now for you ladies who at any given slightest opportunity, you start running your mouth. Becareful and bridle that tongie of yours. Understanding is a tool that is reqiired for a long lasting relationship anywhere in the world, so please get it. “The ball is now in your court.”
“I’m balling out now as a girl from saficity. I remain your anchor on any marra i feel should be noted”.
Billy kay.


Today i am going to talk about this crucial issue that affects every human on earth. It controls your actions and attitude to life. This thing dwells in all human and it is called THOUGHTSother wise known as the MIND!
Robert Collier said” there is nothing on earth that you cannot have once you have mentally accepted the fact that you can have it”. One of the great principles or facts about life is, YOU become what you THINK about MOST of the time. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.
I met someone a few months back, whose only mission in life is to have SEX 24/7(now am exagerating) but the truth is this girl dreams, speak and act sex. There is no passing day that passes by without her talking about boys, sex and sexual relationships. This whole thing affected her so much that it reflected in her appearance. She virtually sleeps, breath and dream of sex. Now note that “your outward appearance is a MIRROR of your innermost being. Prove me wrong by taking cognizance of every thoughts that you dwell on daily and see how it reflects outwardly in your attitudes and actions.

Thoughts are things that affects a man greatly. Your thoughts can make you sad or happy, feel respected or abandoned, positive or negative, loved or hated, confident or insecured, popular or unpopular. A keen observation of my life has made me uncover this bitter truth that “your thought life is the real you”. There are times when i see some boil like pimples on my face and i could ever imagine is how ugly i looked!( gosh! those pimples are damn painful)… Sorry for th deviation, but now the facts still remains that my mind tells me that pimples makes you so ugly. No matter what any one says to me i still hold unto that idea in my mind’s eyes and i wouldnt wanna come out until that pimple disappears. Thats how powerful your mind can be.
The mind is a place where great decisions of life are taken. No wonder the good book says”guild your hearth with all deligent, for out of it flows the issues of life.” thoughts are so powerful that they INTERFERE with the chemical composition of your blood, digestion etc. They help you keep awake all night or sleep.
Your thoughts triggers images and pictures and the emotions that go with them. These images and emotions triggers attitudes and actions( the way you behave).
Your actions then have consequences and results that determine what happens to you. If you think about success and confidence, “you feel strong and competent” but on the other hand if you think mistales or being embarrased then you will fail drastically even though you are so good in what you do. The attitudes one displaces is based on previous experiences that he/she have had. This triggers the way you act and controls your emotions.
The beautiful thing about this thought life is that it can be controlled. You can control what you think and then you have absolute ability to take complete control over your life. When you change how you think about one aspect of your life then you will change how you feel and behave in that area.
We’ll be discussing this latter with my life experiences. Until then, just dwell on thinking positively even though the situation warrants a negative thoughts.
Love y’all

Lol…. This is one of such messages i get that gets me thinking….ASUU BIKO GRANT HIS WISH!
Read the message below and please dont laugh!*StONE FACE*

I miss SCHOOL GATE!(were all doz rogers dey smart for campus 3 especially)
i miss CAMPUS SHUTTLE DRIVERS!!(dem nor dey eva get change)
I miss MOtel!!(5 guys go dey hussle 2 teach 1 gal how to swim)
I miss BRAVO!!(i reserve my comment, but their bread sha!!)
I miss ATSCAN HALL!!(tHE only place wy we fit host both fellowship and party together)
I miss NIGHT CLASSES!!!(guys toastin, gals greeing, thieves thiefing, 90% sleeping) lolzzz… That one is so true.
I miss LIBRARY!!(Were we dey quietly charge our phones)
I miss SCHOOL CAFE!!!(were we chat without Maga and register our course forms for free)
I miss all the BANKS IN ABK!!(where we always queue up)
I miss CAMPUS 3 SMALL GATE!!( Were keke hustle for passengers in the afternoon and make shakara in the evening)
I miss my COURSEMATES!(wen de run dey go fix classes sideling some others) true talk my broda…
I miss my CUSTOMER in small market (her pikin too make brain)
I miss CAMPUS 2 BIG GATE!(the apple, pineapple,oranges and pawpaw etc)
I miss my HOSTEL( were girls dey waka with their undies lol…)
I miss CALLY(CALIFORNIA BAR) (Were some girls dey do the unimaginable and da music na D I E)
I miss JA FlEX( were i dey chop kpomo 70 naira…..)
Greatest Gbosa to all DELSUITES!
LOLZZZZ. To ASUU, i beg call off this strike so this guy could stop missing school fun!
Morning fellas!