Lol…. This is one of such messages i get that gets me thinking….ASUU BIKO GRANT HIS WISH!
Read the message below and please dont laugh!*StONE FACE*

I miss SCHOOL GATE!(were all doz rogers dey smart for campus 3 especially)
i miss CAMPUS SHUTTLE DRIVERS!!(dem nor dey eva get change)
I miss MOtel!!(5 guys go dey hussle 2 teach 1 gal how to swim)
I miss BRAVO!!(i reserve my comment, but their bread sha!!)
I miss ATSCAN HALL!!(tHE only place wy we fit host both fellowship and party together)
I miss NIGHT CLASSES!!!(guys toastin, gals greeing, thieves thiefing, 90% sleeping) lolzzz… That one is so true.
I miss LIBRARY!!(Were we dey quietly charge our phones)
I miss SCHOOL CAFE!!!(were we chat without Maga and register our course forms for free)
I miss all the BANKS IN ABK!!(where we always queue up)
I miss CAMPUS 3 SMALL GATE!!( Were keke hustle for passengers in the afternoon and make shakara in the evening)
I miss my COURSEMATES!(wen de run dey go fix classes sideling some others) true talk my broda…
I miss my CUSTOMER in small market (her pikin too make brain)
I miss CAMPUS 2 BIG GATE!(the apple, pineapple,oranges and pawpaw etc)
I miss my HOSTEL( were girls dey waka with their undies lol…)
I miss CALLY(CALIFORNIA BAR) (Were some girls dey do the unimaginable and da music na D I E)
I miss JA FlEX( were i dey chop kpomo 70 naira…..)
Greatest Gbosa to all DELSUITES!
LOLZZZZ. To ASUU, i beg call off this strike so this guy could stop missing school fun!
Morning fellas!