Blogging for me is like a small diary which i keep to take record of the various events which i experience on a daily basis. Although in subsequent time i’ll be scooping one or two stories and information from my friends, neighbours, colleagues, internet and even from my fellow bloggers.
On this fateful day, at about 10pm while in school some thing happened that got me thinking… I was sitted on my couch pondering on what i would do with my time since i was less busy and not hanging out with my friends. Suddenly, i heard whispers from the next room “babe bring down your voice” a male voice asking a lady to keep her voice low. This got me startled and i began to move closer to my bed (since it was a bedsitter). Instead of the lady to adhere to his advice, she continued shouting even louder and louder. All of a sudden, all i could hear was sound of slaps and beating. The young lady was screaming on top of her voice while he kept hitting her. The next thing i heard was” shei you one stab me ehn? You go carry knife abi? Today, your mama go see your dead body”On hearing these words, i got frightened and started praying silently for this whole issue not to result into bloodshed.
Now, this is one of such scenario i get to see in the movies and never get to believe such horrifing thing could happen in reality but listening and seeing this scenes play outrightly, i said to myself “why would two people who has agreed to come to a compromise for love sake ,inflates such unbearable pain on themselves?”. Isn’t there a better way to resolving issues between rtwo partners than fighting and quarrelling.
Apparently, there is but most people are too blinded to take such route cause they feel its a weak way of settling disputes and they have this “delusion of grandeur about themselves”. The man must exercise his full authority over a woman by hitting her to tweak that thing that made her rants all the time.
Men! Listen up! There is what the society calls”MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING andRESPECT. Hey, ladies don’t you ever think that you are an exception to this. Have you forgotten that it takes only two to tangle?
Partners or couples who lack this attribute should be ready to lead a life of bitterness all throughout their life time. No amount of wealth can buy understanding and respect. A sage says” respect is earned.
For those men who feel their ladies are not respecting them enough, i really do think you shpuld do a re-check because i was told that “respect is reciprocal”.
Now for you ladies who at any given slightest opportunity, you start running your mouth. Becareful and bridle that tongie of yours. Understanding is a tool that is reqiired for a long lasting relationship anywhere in the world, so please get it. “The ball is now in your court.”
“I’m balling out now as a girl from saficity. I remain your anchor on any marra i feel should be noted”.
Billy kay.