In recent times, i have sat down to do alot of thinking about the human race. My findings has brought me to give this conclusion that HUMANS ARE LIKE COCONUT!

The coconut is a member of the family “Arecaceae”(palm family). let me not bore you with the origin and the different species of the coconut, but note that the coconut is derived from Portuguese and spanish word “coco” which means ‘head or skull’…
Looking carefully at the coconut fruit, there are three wholes on the shell, resembling human facial features like the eye and the nose(don’t know where the mouth is). On a more serious note, that is not where am going to, so please read on.
Lets cross examine the features of the coconut,like every other fruit, it has three layers:

This is the outer layer and can also be called the ‘husk’. The husk here is likened unto God the father in us… Yes, the almighty God is the outer covering that shields us from all evil. He is the only one who can take all the externak harsh conditions we were suppose to face.
Now, if the outer covering is removed due to man’s carelessness, we still have the second layer called:

This area is composed of fiber called ‘coir’, the coir represnts “God the son”. He went throygh hell to reconcile us back to God. Like the coir of a coconut, which is fustrating to peel off. God the son refused to let us be; He was spat on, bruised and ridicucled and later sentanced to death. Even in His death, He refused to relent. After His death, He sent us a stronger protector out of His great love. He sents …

The epicarp is that hard part which is attached to the edible part. It takes a greater force for one to crack this part to get to the flesh called the COPRA.
NOW, the copra represents “YOU”. yeah! Thats right, you are the pure and sweet white part… The copra! Those three small holes on the shell appears to be smiling when you look at them closely.
The reason why its still smiles during its torture is this”it says though you are hurting me but i wont let you get through to my love” the copra, yes you! He says, i will remain attached to my copra and still nourish her, so she still survives!
Finally, the nourishing part is the water in the coconut.
It represents the word of God.
This analogy of the coconut shows the in depth of God’s love and how special you are to Him.

My answers are in two parts;
1. Yes, cause He created everyone.
2. No; cause most of us have drifted from that protective covering….
My inspiration is from psalms 91;1….
So sweethearts, you are a special being to God.
Let no man despise you’
Love y’all!