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with the recent bomb blast, some Nigerian’s are reacting to the post made by the Nigeria Police
Nigeria police force tweets..

Some Nigerians tweets


Another Bomb blast Just Occured in Kano, this morning.

Read press statement from Nigeria Police Force…

Today, 28-07-14 at about 10:00am, another
suicide bomb went off at Nigerian National
Petroleum Corporation NNPC Mega Filling Station
at Hotoro Quarter along Maiduguri Road, Kano. A
suicide bomber suspected to be a female had
slipped into the crowd of citizens buying kerosene at the Station before detonating the
explosives. The suicide bomber and three others
have been confirmed dead, eight persons are
injured and rushed to the Hospital.
It is instructive to note that the Mega Station did
not go ablaze due to the security barricade put in place by the Policemen on duty at the station.
Such a situation would have clearly complicated
the Emergency response.
Security Forces have cordoned off the scene, and
Police Bomb Disposal Experts are “sweeping” the
area. Citizens are advised to stay off the scene, be vigilant and report any suspicious person(s) or
activities to security forces. Full scale investigation
has commenced, intensive patrol of the city is

    According to vanguard nigeria, 

WASHINGTON (AFP) – An American doctor battling
West Africa’s Ebola epidemic has himself fallen sick
with the disease in Liberia, his aid agency said. Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian charity, said Dr Kent
Brantly had been isolated at the group’s Ebola
treatment center at the ELWA hospital in the Liberian capital Monrovia. “Dr Brantly is married with two children,” the group said, in a statement posted to its website on Saturday.

“Samaritan’s Purse is committed to doing
everything possible to help Dr Brantly during this
time of crisis. We ask everyone to please pray for
him and his family.” The aid agency did not immediately return calls from AFP. The US State Department said it was aware of an Ebola case but could not provide information about a private individual.

Brantly is the medical director of the Samaritan’s
Purse Ebola case management center in Liberia,
where the agency continues to work with Liberian and international health officials to contain the outbreak.

Ebola is a hemorrhagic fever with a very high
fatality rate. Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea have
borne the brunt of the recent epidemic, and last
week Nigeria recorded its first death. As of July 20, the number of Ebola cases recorded
in the months-long epidemic stood at 1,093,
including more than 660 deaths, according to the
World Health Organization.

The virus can fell victims within days, causing
severe fever and muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhea
and, in some cases, organ failure and unstoppable bleeding.

Ebola is believed to be carried by animals hunted
for meat, notably bats. It spreads among humans via bodily fluids including sweat, meaning you can get sick from touching an infected person. With no vaccine, patients believed to have caught
the virus must be isolated to prevent further

Read tweets of a resident in Kano…


According to Nigeria Police Force(NPF); Five persons (2M, 2F &1 Soldier) was killed at St Charles Family Church #Kano 1;30pm today when IED believed to have been tossed.

What are these people trying to do to Nigeria?

Read Story…

The wife of Cameroon’s Vice Prime Minister,
Amadou Ali, was kidnapped this morning July
27th after men of the Boko Haram sect stormed
her home in the northern town of Kolofata,
Cameroon’s information minister and government
spokesman revealed. Mrs Ali was kidnapped alongside her domestic staff and one other person. The insurgents also killed 3 people in the attack on Kolofata, a town in Cameroon’s Far North Region near Nigeria Colonel Felix Nji Formekong, the second commander of Cameroon’s third inter-army military region (RMIA3) based in the regional headquarters of Maroua, said the sect members are believed to still be in the town fiercely engaging military officers

“The situation is very critical here now, and as
I am talking to you the Boko Haram elements
are still in Kolofata town in a clash with our
soldiers. Some of them have already taken
away the wife of Vice Prime Minister
Ahmadou Ali and her house help while the bodyguards of the Vice Prime Minister have
succeeded in taking him out of the town to

Formekong said, adding that there
could be more casualties.

  A Chinese man was left stunned  yesterday,after he went to the doctor experiencing stomach aches and blood in his urine – only to discover that he was a woman on his period. The married 44-year-old man from Zhejiang province, China, visited his local doctor with his wife in Yongkang where he made the shocking discovery that he had, all along, in fact been a woman. After a full examination, doctors discovered that he had a full set of female reproductive organs along with a penis - which he said had given him an active sex life with his wife of ten years. 

A man in Zhejiang province, China made the shocking discovery that he was a woman PMT: Doctors told him that his stomach ache was
actually his monthly period But doctors doubted this. Doctors found that his genitals were different from other men and he did not possess an Adam’s apple.

A spokesman for First People’s Hospital of Yongkang said that doctors doubted that Mr Chen
was a female at first.


Woman lived as a man for 41 years because parents didn’t tell her she was born a hermaphrodite.

Contraception couture!

Fashion designer showcases her fabulous gowns… and they are all made entirely from CONDOMS Germany becomes first country to allow parents to register the gender of their babies as ‘indeterminate sex’ He said: ‘He was wearing men’s clothes with short hair, so we didn’t think that he would be a female at the beginning’. However, Mr Chen said that he had known that something was wrong with him after he foundhimself constantly feeling fatigued with swollen face and legs. Even worse, he constantly found blood in his urine. A CT scan soon revealed that he had a uterus and ovaries.

The man had a full set of female reproductive organs along with a penis. Meanwhile, a chromosome examination showed that Mr Chen had a pair of XX sex chromosomes,making him genetically female.

The condition of being ‘Intersex’ affects one in every 2,000 births in the UK (although figures may be much higher) and there are an estimated 30,000 intersex people in the UK.

There are several known abnormalities that can lead to specific sexual ambiguity. So called ‘XX male syndrome’ occurs in people who have two X chromosomes – one of which contains a significant amount of genetic material from a Y
chromosome. These people appear to be male, but are, in fact, genetically female. Typically, they will possess male sex organs, but these will often be underdeveloped. They will also often develop breasts and maintain a high-pitched speaking voice. In fact, biologists now recognise a host of conditions, both genetic and otherwise.

Culled from uk daily mail.

 Recently, its been confirmed that the deadly Ebola disease is now in Nigeria. Most people are unaware of the Ebola Virus...

Please be cautious and stay healthy..


    Ebola is a rare and very contagious  but deadly infestion that causes bleeding both internally and externally of the body. 

The disease is found speading across African countries. These countries includes,
Sierre lione
Republic of Congo.
Liberia and most recently in lagos, Nigeria.

The symptoms of Ebola can appear 2 to 21 days after been infected with the Ebola Virus.
The symptoms includes;

Muscle aches
Sore throat
Abdominal Pain
Dry, hacking cough
For severe cases, bleeding inside and outside of the body, rash and trouble breading occurs.

Causative Agents.
The disease is found in gorilla,chimp,monkeys and fruit bats.

Prevention of the Disease.

Presently, scientist have not been able to find cure to kill the Ebola virus. However, reasearch scientist are working on new vaccine that can prevent infection.

Ebola diseases can be contacted by coming in contacts with the blood or body fluid of an infested person or animal.
Just 2hrs ago this was upload on Aljazeera.

Medical facilities are fiercely battling the world’s
largest outbreak of the deadly disease. In Sierra Leone’s Kailahun province, the world’s
largest Ebola outbreak continues to spread
through remote villages. One of the few lines of
defence comes from a treatment centre run by the
charity Medicins sans Frontieres (MSF). While there is no specific cure for the disease,
treatment of its symptoms can significantly reduce
its fatality rate. With an overstreched team and a
series of logisitical obstacles inherent in treating a
contagious virus in a remote location, the centre is
doing what it can. “It’s promising to see that the limited amount of
things we can do is having such a major effect,”
says MSF’s Dr Tim Jagatic. “We’re bringing down the
mortality rate significantly”. About four out of 10
patients at the center will survive, he says. A huge
improvement from the 10 percent survivial rate in previous outbreaks. But one crucial problem remains – the chronic fear
of hospitals, fuelled by rumours of limb harvesting
and blood theft, is dissuading people from seeking
medical help. Not only does this increase the risk of death, but by
keeping infected people in the community, and
burying the bodies without professional medical
assistance, it also exacerbates the spread of the
disease. Teams of Red Cross volunteers are doing their best
to teach people to recognise and respect the
danger posed by Ebola. But in a district with nearly
half a million people, there are still many villages yet
to be reached. Others hear the message but are
reluctant to accept it. Winning the trust of the community is key to ending
the current outbreak. But it takes time and
resources that the on-the-ground doesn’t possess.
“We are running behind Ebola,” according to Anja
Wolz, head of MSF’s activities in Kailahun. “I’ve
never seen this before.”…

Please be very cautious and stay healthy.

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This is a piece i got from my role model’s blog…
I think 98% of what she wrote is true..what do you think?


The most useless thing to do…. ……………Worry
The greatest Joy…………… ……Giving
The greatest loss…………….Loss of self-respect
The most satisfying work……………Helping others
The ugliest personality trait………….Selfishness
The most endangered species………Dedicated leaders
Our greatest natural resource……………Our youth
The greatest “shot in the
The greatest problem to overcome….. …………Fear
Most effective sleeping pill…. ….Peace of mind The most crippling failure disease… …..Excuses
The most powerful force in life…………. …..Love
The most dangerous pariah………………A gossiper
The world’s most incredible computer… …..The
brain !
The worst thing to be without………………. Hope The deadliest weapon…………………..The tongue
The two most power-filled words……………”I Can”
The greatest asset…… …..Faith
The most worthless emotion………………Self-pity
The most prized possession…………….Integrity
The most beautiful attire……………. ……SMILE! The most powerful channel of
communication….. …Prayer
The most contagious spirit…………. ….Enthusiasm
The most important thing in life………………GOD Everyone needs this list to live by…
Coined from: linda ikeji.

I was told that if you wanna be successful, study,understand and do what they do or even better… I am posting this because, i studied and found, persistence,dedication,hardwork and commitment in….


Hello Mrs Somebody. Tried to leave a comment on
your blog, couldn’t. I’d appreciate if you can help
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These were the words of nigerian’s number one blogger on march 15th, 2007… Wow!! When i first read these words i was really so shocked. As at 2007, linda ikeji was virtually begging for comments, now everyone is fighting to be the first to comment on her blog…

My goodness! This is real dedication,persistence and real hard work. Gurl, you inspire me die!

When i read the first post she made on november 26th 2006 she had this vibrancy in her….
For like 4 – 10 months, she had not more than a few comments but she kept persisting… At a time in march she made 90 posts. Ahh!! Na wah oooo… Babe, you try ghon!
I have passion for the media but i think yours is way stronger than mine. So from hence forth i declare you my role model!(whether you agree or not)lolz!

Chai! Chai! I have been damn too lazy!
i’m blogging not for the money, but for one thing” that i have the opportunity to be heard by the world!
Lindodo! You deserve everything you have now…
Haters!!! Please jump enter bush!
Linda is an achiever!

Read peoples comment as at march 15th 2007.

Nyemoni March 16, 2007 at 12:08 PM

AHOY THERE!!! This is one more person… First thing that hit me when I got here was – 2007 (166) posts, ▼ March (90) posts… what a riot! Girlfriend… you don give me work o! I have so much to read… as calabar gal said, visit other blogs and leave constructive comments and voila!!! Have a nice weekend Linda! Reply

Nyemoni March 16, 2007 at 12:14 PM
One more thing: you mentioned in your profile that you are “…hardworking, dedicated… (among other things)…. That was WORD fo sho… you are one dedicated blogger! Replies or no! Keep up the good work, your posts are interesting by the way….I’ve already started! Reply

Calabar Gal March 16, 2007 at 1:38 PM
I said the same thing to myself when I got to her page ans saw 90 posts in March alone. Linda – u sure are a fast and dedicated blogger. Reply

Sisinaija March 17, 2007 at 3:20 PM wow! Dedicated blogger no be small!