It just a few weeks to Nysc camp and i
presume many of us are contemplating
on what to take to camp… Well, enlisted
below are some of the NECESSARY things required in the camping site. TOP ON THE LISTS!
** Call up letter
** statement of result/Original
certificate(first degree Cert)
**School id card.(final year)
**passport(32 copies) just take enough cos every registration requires a
passport photograph.
**pen, writing pads and other
stationaries are of necessity in other to
avoid borrowing and unnecessary time
wastage. ** You should make as many
photocopies you can make before going
to the camping site cos almost
everything is expensive there.
For clothings…
round neck polo(take like 3-5 pairs cos you wouldnt have enough time to do
*wash and wear
Nice white shorts(3-5 pairs)
Tennis shoes(2 pairs)
Although most of these will be given in
the camp but most wont be your size… Omo, carry enough dough cos you wont
be allowed to leave the camp for the
3weeks exercise
will update others later UPDATES:
NO need for buckets cos u could buy one
@ mami market.
It is expident for you to bring Mosquito
nets cos(i hear say dat place na their
den)..you dont wanna be down with a fever.
You need pillow,no need to carry your
vita foam there. One will be provided
for you. Dettols, detergents and other
toiletries are important…. The ultimate one is your WAIST POUCH
BAG… ABeg get one cos your survival in
camp depends on it..you dont wanna
lose all your money in a split second…
The equiptment i love most that i think
all should have is your DIGITAL CAMERA! Even if you forget your tooth brush dont
forget this… Your bed sheet is important
too… Ehmmm…make una still buy
padlock in case..
*torch is needed too…..no constant
electricity. *mirrors and forks are kinda prohibited
in some camps…
On your first day, try as much as
possible to register early…
Dont forget to have fun
but pls be very
careful* To all the OTONDITES, I SALUTE AND I’M
Balling out… Need to buy my stuffs
now… To does who will be posted to Borno,
take heart and pls accept your fate…or u
can still deploy after the camping
Much love…
Pls note that call up letter will be given July 28th….