Hello Friends!
Please take a look at your bath sponge and toothbrush now and ask yourself when last you replaced it. Guess you are thinking now…. Wait! Let me help you, has it been up to three(3)months, 6 months ago, or probably over a year ago? (screams!!!) A lot of us are so unsure about the last time we replaced them.
I read an article a few months back and had to do a little research on the effect of not replacing our bath sponges and toothbrushes regularly.
The American Dental Associatio recommends getting a new tooth brush about every three months. Not allowing your toothbrush to completely dry out after brushing, creates room for some bacteria shop. It is recommended for you to replace your tooth brush when the bristles on it statrs to spew in different directions.

Ways To Maintain Your Toothbrush.
=> Completely drey out your tooth brush after brushing.
=> soak your tooth brush in warm/hot water, alcohol or mouth wash for 5-10mins before brushing with it.
=> Applying a small quantity of BAKING SODA NOT BAKING POWDER to your tooth brush, disinfects it and cleans your teeth. (MDhealth.com)

To be truthful, it’s common knowledge that most people do not consider the importance of replacing our bath sponge.
In as much as we do apply some disinfectant to our bathing water, it is expident for us to change our bath/body sponge regularly, as often as every 4 weeks. No matter what type of sponge it may be, you need to have a regular routine of changing them out.
Bacteria spreads faster in a warm and moist environment so it is best to reduce their spread in order to avoid body rash/bacteria infections.
Just imagine you washing your genital organ with that kind of bath sponge…(ahh!)sweeti, sweeti and jetti jetti things(nigerian language)
Dead skin cells that are commonly washed off from the body becomes food for the bacteria, giving them more reasons to set up a disease factory in your sponge….

For Nursing moms, please ensure your baby’s bath sponge is changed regularly because their skins are delicate and requires uttermost care.

For the well being of all, please stay healthy! Images
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