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Today i’m gonna talk about some crucial ingredients you should look out for when buying a body cream….
Although this write up should serve for the purpose of information, it’s important not to ignore this when next you visit a beauty shop…

I’ll list out some of the ingredients that are used in the manufacture of some body creams, that if found in a high concentration could cause severe damage to our skins.
Hydroquinone is a bleaching agent that is able to inhibit or prevent the synthesis of melanin which is produced by the body naturally. Most body cream manufactures add this whitening agent to enhance skin color. But when this is compound is present in a high concentration, it becomes harmful to the skin.

          Hydroquinone is sometimes given other names like :

1, 4-Benzenediol
P-Dihydroxyl Benzene,
Hydrochinonium…. Monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone is a derivative of hydroquinone that can cause an irrevisible depigmentation of the skin.
Other bleaching agents includes but not restricted to:mercury, flavonoids, ascrobic acids, clobetasol propionate, arbutin, hydrogen perioxide, strong steriods, kojic acids, mercuric acids etc.

Most citric fruits such as lime, lemon, oranges etc has been discovered to contain some percentage of bleaching agents.

So please, be cautions of these compounds that are used in body cream manufacture process.. Even if they are present it should be in minimal amount… Read a product label, manufacture date and expiring date before purchasing….

Please don’t forget to buy original products!!
Unless you love to be transformed like this guy below….
Anyways, stay healthy and do all things in moderation….
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Morrone A: MD; director general, NIMHP, Italy.