I was told that if you wanna be successful, study,understand and do what they do or even better… I am posting this because, i studied and found, persistence,dedication,hardwork and commitment in….


Hello Mrs Somebody. Tried to leave a comment on
your blog, couldn’t. I’d appreciate if you can help
me advertise my blog in anyway you can. Not just
Mrs Somebody but anyone going through this
blog and thinks can help…I’d really appreciate it. xoxo

These were the words of nigerian’s number one blogger on march 15th, 2007… Wow!! When i first read these words i was really so shocked. As at 2007, linda ikeji was virtually begging for comments, now everyone is fighting to be the first to comment on her blog…

My goodness! This is real dedication,persistence and real hard work. Gurl, you inspire me die!

When i read the first post she made on november 26th 2006 she had this vibrancy in her….
For like 4 – 10 months, she had not more than a few comments but she kept persisting… At a time in march she made 90 posts. Ahh!! Na wah oooo… Babe, you try ghon!
I have passion for the media but i think yours is way stronger than mine. So from hence forth i declare you my role model!(whether you agree or not)lolz!

Chai! Chai! I have been damn too lazy!
i’m blogging not for the money, but for one thing” that i have the opportunity to be heard by the world!
Lindodo! You deserve everything you have now…
Haters!!! Please jump enter bush!
Linda is an achiever!

Read peoples comment as at march 15th 2007.

Nyemoni March 16, 2007 at 12:08 PM

AHOY THERE!!! This is one more person… First thing that hit me when I got here was – 2007 (166) posts, â–¼ March (90) posts… what a riot! Girlfriend… you don give me work o! I have so much to read… as calabar gal said, visit other blogs and leave constructive comments and voila!!! Have a nice weekend Linda! Reply

Nyemoni March 16, 2007 at 12:14 PM
One more thing: you mentioned in your profile that you are “…hardworking, dedicated… (among other things)…. That was WORD fo sho… you are one dedicated blogger! Replies or no! Keep up the good work, your posts are interesting by the way….I’ve already started! Reply

Calabar Gal March 16, 2007 at 1:38 PM
I said the same thing to myself when I got to her page ans saw 90 posts in March alone. Linda – u sure are a fast and dedicated blogger. Reply

Sisinaija March 17, 2007 at 3:20 PM wow! Dedicated blogger no be small!