Hello fwends!

I’m kinda thinking of creating a post dedicated to business ideas every Tuesdays. What do y’all think? Good or bad idea?

Anyways, i have something on my mind that i need to drop, so keep your hands akinbo while your eyes do the work…lolz…
clears throat (speaking out loud now) well, i’ll be talking on how you could make passive income using your mobile phone. Please don’t get scared, its no scam and it’s actually profiting if you work hard. It’s something anyone can do….the business is not new but as 2015 election is approaching , you could make good use of this opportunity to get those politicians to pay you cos’ most of them are “desperados”(desperate). This business is BULKSMS… not new right? for those who have not tried it, just click on these site: http://www.smslive247.com,
http://www.kullsms.com and others too numerous to mention. Just register your details there and start making your cool cash. If you’ve got questions, just drop them and i’ll answer them… There are numerous bulksms websites….just do a google search and register with the legit ones…
Please do check if the sms providers are reliable and offer their sms units at a cheap rate before doing business with them.

Have a good time out there and please stay out of wahala!