A Chinese man was left stunned  yesterday,after he went to the doctor experiencing stomach aches and blood in his urine – only to discover that he was a woman on his period. The married 44-year-old man from Zhejiang province, China, visited his local doctor with his wife in Yongkang where he made the shocking discovery that he had, all along, in fact been a woman. After a full examination, doctors discovered that he had a full set of female reproductive organs along with a penis - which he said had given him an active sex life with his wife of ten years. 

A man in Zhejiang province, China made the shocking discovery that he was a woman PMT: Doctors told him that his stomach ache was
actually his monthly period But doctors doubted this. Doctors found that his genitals were different from other men and he did not possess an Adam’s apple.

A spokesman for First People’s Hospital of Yongkang said that doctors doubted that Mr Chen
was a female at first.


Woman lived as a man for 41 years because parents didn’t tell her she was born a hermaphrodite.

Contraception couture!

Fashion designer showcases her fabulous gowns… and they are all made entirely from CONDOMS Germany becomes first country to allow parents to register the gender of their babies as ‘indeterminate sex’ He said: ‘He was wearing men’s clothes with short hair, so we didn’t think that he would be a female at the beginning’. However, Mr Chen said that he had known that something was wrong with him after he foundhimself constantly feeling fatigued with swollen face and legs. Even worse, he constantly found blood in his urine. A CT scan soon revealed that he had a uterus and ovaries.

The man had a full set of female reproductive organs along with a penis. Meanwhile, a chromosome examination showed that Mr Chen had a pair of XX sex chromosomes,making him genetically female.

The condition of being ‘Intersex’ affects one in every 2,000 births in the UK (although figures may be much higher) and there are an estimated 30,000 intersex people in the UK.

There are several known abnormalities that can lead to specific sexual ambiguity. So called ‘XX male syndrome’ occurs in people who have two X chromosomes – one of which contains a significant amount of genetic material from a Y
chromosome. These people appear to be male, but are, in fact, genetically female. Typically, they will possess male sex organs, but these will often be underdeveloped. They will also often develop breasts and maintain a high-pitched speaking voice. In fact, biologists now recognise a host of conditions, both genetic and otherwise.

Culled from uk daily mail.