What are these people trying to do to Nigeria?

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The wife of Cameroon’s Vice Prime Minister,
Amadou Ali, was kidnapped this morning July
27th after men of the Boko Haram sect stormed
her home in the northern town of Kolofata,
Cameroon’s information minister and government
spokesman revealed. Mrs Ali was kidnapped alongside her domestic staff and one other person. The insurgents also killed 3 people in the attack on Kolofata, a town in Cameroon’s Far North Region near Nigeria Colonel Felix Nji Formekong, the second commander of Cameroon’s third inter-army military region (RMIA3) based in the regional headquarters of Maroua, said the sect members are believed to still be in the town fiercely engaging military officers

“The situation is very critical here now, and as
I am talking to you the Boko Haram elements
are still in Kolofata town in a clash with our
soldiers. Some of them have already taken
away the wife of Vice Prime Minister
Ahmadou Ali and her house help while the bodyguards of the Vice Prime Minister have
succeeded in taking him out of the town to

Formekong said, adding that there
could be more casualties.