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Hello fellas!
Wait! Don’t get frightened, just wanna share something with singles before they say the “I do” word.

   Dearies, its expident for you to ask your spouse some very sensitive questions before marriage. These are questions listed by Corey Donaldson..
  1. What health problem do you have?
    Its important for you to know your spouse health status before marriage, you wouldn’t wanna be shocked after the wedding so please go for some test.
  2. What do you admire about the way your father and mother treat each other?
    This question could also be asked in a different way, like ‘do your father or mother abuse each other or you in any way? Either sexually, emotionally or physically?
    Parental abuse has a great impact on a child.
  3. If i put on weight will it affect our sexual relationship? How?

Let’s take a break here, will continue the questions in my next post…

Pls whats your views about these questions…


Yuck! Cant’t even imagine it! Disgusting! It’s totally irritating but PROFFITNG.

Earlier this morning, i had the most shocking news while i was watching my one of my favourite Korean movies. My kid sister just distracted me by screaming out loud” Sally! Lets feed our snails!
I was statled for a few minutes, then i was like, “what the heck did you just vomit?

My younger sister was rearing snails and i thought it was a stupid idea for a 12 years old girl ti be doing that, not until this morning when i read an article in the newspaper about how lucrative rearing snail was.

Immediately, an idea struck me to do more research on snail farming and these are my findings…

Before i go into details on how you can rear snails it is expident for you to know why snail consumption is important….
Health Benefits Of Snails.
Snails helps in boosting the immune system since they contain lectin(helps to fight cancerous cells).
The serum secreted by snails is useful for skincare. Snail slime has healing power.
Snail has high protein content of about 33% compared to fish(18%).

Now to the main business,
Cost of Running the Business.
Start up capital 50-100 thousand naira or more.
Risk involved; low risk and its not time consuming.
Profittability; very profitable, with little operating cost.

Requirement Before Starting.
1. Pick the species you want to rear, the species Achatina achatina has a higher yield in Nigeria. It has a large size and it is possible to produce 1million snails worth millions twice a year because these species lay 200-400 eggs in one batch 2-3 times a year.

  1. know how to construct a snailery. It doesn’t cost much to do that. You could start with your backyard if it’s pretty large. But for commercial purpose, snails require a soil of pH ranging between 5.8-7.5. They easily die on a clay soil so please avoid it. If you are using a farmland,spacing is important and also wire guages can be constructed to prevent your snails from escaping.
    Wind is also an important factor when constructing a snail house, strong wind can dry out soil which could affect yield.
    Plant less trees to avoid predators.
  2. Preparation of Farm site.
    A well leveled land is best for snail farming. Clear the farmland,apply good herbicides and pesticides to control pests and diseases.
    The land is divided into sections and different crops are planted in it to feed the snails. Wire guages are used for this partioning. A path should be created for easy maintenace.

NB..always fence the farmland against predators,
A good drainage should be provided cause snails love moist, cold and dark environment.
Snails can also be fed with paw paw,cassava leaves, banana, pineapple etc.

Maturity; 6-12 months or more

Snail activities is triggered by rainfall and cool moist condtions.
Snail eggs hatch after two weeks…

For those who are already in the business please share your experiences here…

Omo ehn!
December 28th promises to be rocking as CJ International presents the “dance like David concert live in Asaba.
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