Hello fellas!
Wait! Don’t get frightened, just wanna share something with singles before they say the “I do” word.

   Dearies, its expident for you to ask your spouse some very sensitive questions before marriage. These are questions listed by Corey Donaldson..
  1. What health problem do you have?
    Its important for you to know your spouse health status before marriage, you wouldn’t wanna be shocked after the wedding so please go for some test.
  2. What do you admire about the way your father and mother treat each other?
    This question could also be asked in a different way, like ‘do your father or mother abuse each other or you in any way? Either sexually, emotionally or physically?
    Parental abuse has a great impact on a child.
  3. If i put on weight will it affect our sexual relationship? How?

Let’s take a break here, will continue the questions in my next post…

Pls whats your views about these questions…