It’s been a while I posted something. (nor mind me jor, been too lazy). Anyways, I’m back now.

 I remembered that fateful day, was just surfing the Web and also checking my emails to see,  if I would get any mail from the website were  I ordered a product from.  On opening my mail box  I found nothing but some junk mails sent to me by our  night Internet hustlers.  Was so pissed, so I angrily logged off. 

It took a few minutes for me to calm myself down. On a second thought, I decided to check my Facebook account since it’s been awhile I logged in.

When I logged in, I saw some very annoying post on a group I joined. With that annoyance of not getting any mail from my client I made a post” can anyone not post something meaningful here. That was how the longrich story began oooo…

Ehmm… It’s 12.36am, need to sleep o.!!
Chai!, tomorrow na school. (I mean today jor.)
Will gist you more later…

Where is my power bank , battery is red.